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Built in central Taiwan and using the best individual components supplied from the world's leading manufacturers, Accuway's machine tools are unmatched in quality, performance, and reliability.

 Every vertical machining center is measured by laser for accuracy in the X-, Y-, and Z-axes over full axis travel and any lead pitch errors compensated from measured data to ensure positioning and repeat accuracy. Verification data is then stored with the machine's documentation in order to confirm and trace the performance accuracy of every machine produced.

Before leaving the factory, all Accuway machinery is subjected to intensive quality-assurance tests, including a minimum of 72 hours of actual running test during assembly. Any machine not being processed will undergo programmed tasks to check operational tolerances and parameters.

In addition, Accuway uses a state-of-the-art ball bar system from Renishaw to check linear accuracy, machine geometry, three-dimensional squareness, and accuracy of each machine. Testing is done with a bar attached to the spindle and to a fixed point on the table. The ball bar systems normally work with radii of 150–300 mm and feed rates of 6–10 m/min. Then the machine performs a series of circular moves in an X/Y plane to certify synchronous movement. The measured circular path is plotted against a theoretical path to verify maximum variation. Only machines whose variation chart analyses meet quality control standards defined by Accuway are delivered to customers.